Winter Improvements

Sailing weather is coming soon and I’ve been working on some improvements to the boat. I reshaped and leathered the boom/boom jaw connection so it doesn’t chip the varnish off the mast. I also added a little hook to the mast to keep the snotter from sliding down which puts a diagonal crease in the sail.

With the boom fixed, I tested the brail line to see how well it works. It’s ok, but there’s still room for improvement.

I’ve also been busy varnishing the brightwork and painting over the chips in the paint job. Exterior latex was a bad choice… Someday I need to figure out how to get it all off and redo it with some epoxy paint or something more substantial.

Brail Line

Today I added a page about my experiments with adding a brail line to the sail. I’ve also added a section to the menu at the top for some of the finer details of the boat. This will house pages for stuff that’s a little more specific and in depth than the stuff in the building drop down.

Hello world!

So I’ve got some time off for Christmas and I decided I should make a website to document my homemade sailboat and related travels. This project is just too big and wide ranging for a single page on my personal website, so I guess I’m now a blogger!

I’ve added a few sections at the top. One section for all the building pictures separated by category, and another for trips. So far I’ve only done short day trips, but if I do longer adventures, I might make a new section to house those articles.

I started building Moga in May of 2018, and launched her in June of 2019. I didn’t work on it much during the fall and winter as I was hunting or it was cold, so maybe 8-9 months of work.