Long Steps Build #2

This week I finished cutting out the third sheet of 3/8″. Scoring the lines with a knife before jigsawing does stop the splintering, but that quickly got old. I’ve started cutting out the parts within 3/8″ or so of the line with a jigsaw, then doing a more precision job at the bandsaw. I’ve had really minimal splintering that way and I can get it accurate enough that just a few swipes with a plane takes things down to the line. I also had time to epoxy the two stiffeners on either side of the stem.

If there are a pair of parts I only draw one and cut that out as accurately as I can. Then I use it as a pattern for the other side and jigsaw that out. A few temporary screws holds the two together so I can run it through my router with a follower bearing. This has worked really well and is an easy way to get things symmetrical.

Like a lot of boatyards, there’s an abandoned Fuji 35 in the corner slowly rotting away. I’m trying to keep costs to a minimum so the boss let me salvage anything off of it I could.

So far I’ve got some 14″, 10″, 6″, and 4″ cleats. Three fairleads, assorted blocks, a tether, and some bronze. I’m toying with the idea of casting a few things for my boat… I’ve wanted to give that a try for a while. Not sure what I’ll do with those big cleats though. Maybe mount one to the mast for the flag halyard?

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