Belaying Pins

When I was building the boat, I decided to epoxy some 6″ long by 3/4″ diameter naval bronze round bar into the mast partner to act as belaying pins. Ross’s plans show two holes, so that’s all that I originally drilled. Two pins might be ok with a balanced lug, but it soon gets quite cramped up there with the sprit rig. I’ve been putting the jib halyard and snotter on the port pin, and the main halyard, downhaul, and brail line on the starboard pin. Finally I’ve decided it’s just getting too disorganized and cluttered so I added a second pair of pins.

Pretty chaotic!

I drilled the holes with my great-grandfather’s brace because I thought it might be a little easier to get the angle right since it drills slower. I could drill down a bit and then stand back and look at the angle of the drill bit compared to the two originals. I managed to get it pretty close. Before epoxying, I scuffed up the gluing surface of the bronze with a 36 grit sanding pad on an oscillating tool. I haven’t had any trouble with the original ones coming loose, so hopefully I’ll have the same experience with these.

Epoxying in the two new belaying pins. The brace and bit came from my great-grandfather who worked at a small shipyard in the early 1900’s. It’s been a while since it’s been used on a boat.

Much more tidy! From left to right I have the jib halyard, downhaul (tail of main halyard), main halyard + brail line, and finally the snotter. I think this arrangement is working pretty well.

Eventually I want to run the downhaul and snotter back to the cockpit so I can adjust the set of the sail, but I’m still mulling out that arrangement over in my head. That will free up a pin for the brail line and one extra which I have ideas for a topsail someday down the road.

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