Starting on the decks! At this point I had one full sheet of 1/4″ plywood left, but quite a few scraps left over. I wanted to save the full sheet for the bow section, so I picked out six scraps that were wide enough and laid them out for the side decks.

After cutting the joints so everything would fit, I dished out the joint with an angle grinder to make a Payson butt joint.

Epoxying the butt joints and building up the thickened epoxy. I have trash bags under the joints to prevent gluing it to the boat.

Then I flipped the decks over, made another Payson butt joint, and put three coats of epoxy on what will be the underside. I’ve also coated the bottoms of the thwarts.

Gluing on the starboard side deck with lots of thickened epoxy! It was a bit hard to clamp since the bottom of the gunwales isn’t parallel with the top of the deck. Fortunately I have some large pieces of steel to use as weights.

Glueing on the fore deck. This had a bit of camber to it, but I didn’t have any trouble bending the 1/4″ ply.


Gluing on the rear decks. These were the hardest as I didn’t have much to clamp to in the middle.

Here you can see how I notched the decks so each landed on half of the bulkhead. All of the decks hang over and will be trimmed down with a router and flush cutting bit.

The deck edges have been trimmed down and everything has three coats of epoxy.

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