In preparation of fiberglassing, I sanded off all the epoxy runs and drips from the outside. I also spent some time fairing the hull by sanding the chines smooth, or building up low areas with thickened epoxy.

Next I flipped it upside down and Steve, a friend from New Jersey, helped me fiberglass the bottom with two strips of 6oz cloth. We put the seam down the centerline because it will be covered by the keel later on. The cloth was left a bit long at the bow so we could wrap two inches or so over to the other side, this gives the bow a double layer of cloth. Steve built a Michalak Mayfly 14′ back in 2014 and he has a blog on that build here:

We squeegeed on three coats of epoxy in a day, adding the next layer about two hours after the previous went on. I later went through and scraped all the drips off with the side of an iron from a plane and added epoxy in a few low spots.

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