Here are all of the fittings I bought. Including the necessary line, the total came out to $450 to outfit the boat. This stuff really adds up quickly, but I decided to spurge and buy the stuff I wanted, rather than settle for sub part equipment and kick myself later. I used low friction rings instead of blocks for the jib halyard and the 2 part snotter purchase for their compact size and slight cost savings.


  • Halyard – 1/4″ Spectra
  • 11mm Ronstan Ropeglide ring for halyard block
  • Sheet – 3/8″ Dacron
  • Stainless bow fitting and carabiner attach the jib’s tack
  • Sheets are trimmed via a pair of Ronstan swivel cam cleats

Main Sail

  • Halyard, Sheet, and Bridle – 3/8″ Dacron
  • Halyard goes through beehole in mast
  • Two 4″ cleats to secure bridle
  • Main sheet traveler – bronze ring attached to a 7/16″ Ronstan universal block
  • 7/16″ Ronstan block with becket on end of boom
  • 7/16″ Ronstan block mid boom
  • 40mm Harken T2 soft-attach Ratchamatic Carbo


  • 1/4″ Spectra snotter line
  • Two 11mm Ronstan Ropeglide rings for 2:1 purchase


  • Racelite heavy duty gudgeons and pintles (one long and one short)
  • Racelite rudder hold down
  • Auto release cleat and fairlead for rudder hold down line


  • Bow chocks for anchor line
  • 6″ inspection hatches
  • 6″ cleat and 3/8″ Dacron line for mast gate lashing

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