Barnegat Bay, NJ

And here’s the second of my two trips while I was in New Jersey. I launched at the top of Barnegat Bay and sailed my way down 29 miles south to just past the inlet. I made a diversion through the marsh over to the lighthouse and would have continued 17 miles to a public ramp, but I called it quits since I was relying on my father in law for transportation and didn’t want to be too late. I tested out my electric trolling motor setup for the first time as well.


In mid September my wife and our parents went down to Ocracoke Island for a week long vacation. We stayed in a cottage on Lighthouse Road and had access to a dock at the southern end of the harbor, so of course I brought my sailboat. It was a pretty windy week, but I did manage to get out on a long daysail. I ended up going 41.6 miles to nowhere in 8.5 hours. My average speed was 4.8 mph and I hit a new top speed of 9.2 mph!

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

My wife and I are down at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina on vacation and on Saturday I went on a daysail to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse on the South Core Banks. To get there I circled Shackleford Banks which meant I had Moga out in the Atlantic for a few miles. There were tons of boaters though, more than I’ve ever seen. I went 32.7 miles in 8.5 hours with an average speed of 4 mph.

Overnight to Tangier Island

Last Saturday I went on my first overnight beach cruising trip from Windmill Point to Tangier Island and back. It was 68.5 miles and my average speed was 3.4 mph. The winds were light and contrary, but sailing went fine. My camping setup is woeful, so that will need some improvement. I learned a ton on this trip too with a near miss on a lee shore at night.